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Question: lucky bamboo

I am writing to get some information on how to treat bamboo.
At Christmas I bought some of those fresh bamboo branches that are recently sold in many stores, they told me to keep them in a vase with water and pebbles on the bottom to keep them upright, to change the water once a week .
I have seen that they are already starting to put some roots, I would like to know if it is right to keep them like this and if it is possible to bury them and how.
I state that I have no notion of gardening ...
Last thing: is bamboo parasites? If so, which ones?

Lucky Bamboo: Question: lucky bamboo

Dear Elisa,
We thank you for contacting us regarding questions on the cultivation of Bamboo through the "" expert's column.
Bamboo Fortunato, better known as "Lucky Bambu '" is a very fascinating plant rich in symbolic meanings.
The severed Bambu 'is used in single stems and in mixed floral decorations. The straight stems are 40 to 80 cm long;
To prevent its drying, a thin layer of wax is applied to the upper part of the stems. It is a plant that easily fits into different climates, but, since Bambu is a plant that generally grows in warm areas, it must be placed inside, near a window; it grows well even in shady or poorly lit areas. The plants should be placed in pots with shallow water, to avoid creating rottenness they add water once a month. The Lucky bamboo is not very demanding in nourishment, fertilizer applications are fine. liquid for green plants (1 ml / liter) or use ion exchange resins every 4-6 months. The best temperature is 20 - 30 ° C. If the temperature is lower than 15 degrees the plant suffers and can block the growth of the shoots and damage them. It is advisable to keep them in the jar, since their functionality is purely aesthetic. For regular fertilization of these plants, we recommend a fertilizer rich in specific nutrients to grow this type of plant.
Yours sincerely.